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MANKATO INDEPENDENT ORIGINALS (MIO) — Serving Greater Mankato for over 50 years - Our mission is to serve the very best ingredients with the highest quality of customer service to create a memorable dining experience. We promise to serve the Greater Mankato and St. Peter community in a way that makes our community proud. We are locally owned and operated businesses that value our community and will uphold its integrity. Our promise is to continue to invest in Greater Mankato and St. Peter and always look for opportunities to strengthen and grow this community. From all the Mankato Independent Originals, thank you for dining local.


3rd Street Vision

The best from all MIO restaurants with a large comfort influence from the smoker; BBQ ribs, brisket, chicken and cornbread. At 3rd Street Tavern, we believe that great things come in 3's. For us, that is going to be Bourbon, BBQ and Blues. You can expect to smell that smoker burning everyday from miles away. We can't wait to treat you with a little Southern hospitality and Grandma inspired comfort food.