Konsbruck Hotel
408 S. Third Street
Saint Peter, MN, 56082, USA
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Konsbruck Hotel

The Konsbruck Hotel. A charming small inn/bed and breakfast located in the heart of historic downtown St. Peter, MN. Just about 10 miles North of Mankato, MN. We opened for business January 24, 2013. Any questions, contact Mary at 612-483-6771.

 There are five suites in the hotel along with a large open common area/reading room.   The prices of our suites are as follows:  Gemini, North Star and Aquarius rent for $149 plus tax and the Orion and Lone Star rent for $139 plus tax.  All include breakfast.  One suite is currently occupied by us along with our two cats.  Our two cats are never allowed in any of the suites except ours and when we have guests, they are kept in our suite, however, when we have vacancies, we allow them to roam in the common areas of the hotel.

  We also opened a BBQ restaurant along with the Inn, called Lone Star BBQ & Grill.  We learned the art of barbeque during our years in East Texas and we want to share what we learned with you.  Seasoned with our own dry rub recipe and slow smoked for many hours provides you with an assortment of succulent and tender meats.  Click on the site below to check out our menu, you won't be disappointed.

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